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Peanut Curd

About the Recipe


  • 1kg raw peanut (soak for overnight, crush & strain into milk)

  • Any of the following vegan curd starters:

  • 2-3 tbsp non-dairy yoghurt

  • Probiotic capsules (Quantity as per pack instructions)

  • 8-10 green chilli tops/crowns


  • Stir the peanut milk and bring to a boil slowly on low heat. Cool to room temperature. 

  • Set the curd using the probiotic capsule the first time and thereafter the best starter is a spoonful of non dairy curd. 

Note: Try making a small amount first, since yoghurt can be a bit unpredictable the first few times. With the chilli tops, you may need to reserve some of the batch and use again with a fresh batch and more chilli tops, until you get a firm set yoghurt, which can be used as a starter for further batches. A starter portion of yoghurt, starter culture or probiotic capsules normally give reliable results.

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