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Autoimmune diseases are an epidemic in India! Once thought to be rare, they are now the leading cause of chronic disease in India, affecting men and women of almost all ages. Whether it is an overactive or under-active immune response – immune tolerance and balance is the key to resolving these conditions.


Healing Autoimmunity Through A
Functional Medicine Approach

It is a common misconception that Autoimmune disorders cannot be reversed and that lifelong medications are the only viable solution. This is simply not true. Medications can treat the symptoms BUT they do not address the root causes of those symptoms and they definitely do not heal the disease. 


Autoimmune disorders occur when the immune system is not functioning properly and mistakenly attacks healthy cells, tissues and organs resulting in often chronic and life threatening symptoms. Whether we call it Hashimoto's, Eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBD, Lupus or Psoriasis,  understanding WHY the immune system has been activated in this manner and what are the underlying root causes are crucial steps towards reversing autoimmune conditions.  


Here at Hormone Reset, we use the Functional Medicine approach and work closely with you to identify the root causes of your symptoms in order to craft a personalised protocol to correct the underlying issues. This is the only way to move beyond simply suppressing symptoms.

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Root Causes of Autoimmunity

It is not purely genetics! While SOME people may be  predisposed to certain conditions – the switches for these genes are in fact - in our environment! Based on the kind of environment you provide your body, your body decides the state of wellness or disease. Truly understanding this, is one of the first steps to reclaiming your health. It removes the ‘life sentence’ and puts you back in the driving seat of your wellness (or disease). The ‘genetic’ storyline leads people to believe that nothing can be done. Remember - Genes only load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger!


If you want to return to a healthy and thriving state of immune tolerance, then you must also understand what disturbed the balance in the first instance by identifying what is referred to as the ‘root cause’. 

Here are some of the common root causes of autoimmunity:

leaky gut and autoimmunity
low stomach acid and autoimmunity
gut dysbiosis and autoimmunity
Role of toxins in autoimmunity
Allergens and autoimmunity


Low Stomach Acid and Digestive Juices

Gut Dysbiosis

Toxins &

Heavy metals

Leaky Gut

Role of diet in autoimmunity
chronic stress and autoimmunity
Chronic infections and autoimmunity
Mitochondrial dysfunction in autoimmunity
Role of non native EMF in autoimmunity



Poor Diet

Chronic Stress

Hidden Infections



To learn more in detail about these common root causes, watch the recording of our Autoimmunity Workshop Here

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