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Meet the Team

Our Founders

Dr. Ruhi Agarwala
Masters in Global Health
Functional Medicine 

Meet Dr. Ruhi Agarwala, a Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. As the co-founder of Hormone Reset, her unwavering mission is to guide individuals in reversing chronic conditions by delving into the root causes of ailments rather than solely managing their symptoms.

Dr. Agarwala has helped countless women battling PCOS, thyroid disorders, autoimmunity and infertility. Her approach centers on restoring their vitality and well-being, empowering them with knowledge and aiding in the implementation of sustainable Functional Medicine strategies.

Dr. Agarwala also co-founded the esteemed Indian Association of Functional Medicine (IAFM), a premier society for Functional Medicine Practitioners in India. Moreover, her passion for health extends to co-founding Doctor Juice, a thriving venture championing healthy food in Bengaluru.

Dr Ruhi Agarwala -Functional Medicine Practitioners
Sidarth Goel-Functional Medicine Practit
Siddarth Goel
Functional Medicine 
Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher

Meet Siddarth, a prominent figure in the realm of Functional Medicine in India. He stands among the pioneers to achieve certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach from FMCA and SAFM, USA. His expertise lies in guiding individuals grappling with diverse chronic health conditions, notably Autoimmune conditions, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular disorders and more.


Based on a deep understanding of the body’s functions he uses various modalities to bring about lasting improvements in his client's health.  With over 19 years of dedicated practice in classical Yoga and meditation, he brings forth a distinctive fusion of Yogic lifestyle and principles intertwined with a contemporary, scientific approach.


Siddarth is dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to holistic health, offering a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern methodologies to facilitate lasting transformations.

The Team

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