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Refund policy for Services

Hormone Reset is delighted to partner with you and help you reach your health goals. However in an unfortunate event of your disassociation with us, we agree to refund the subscription amount to you as per the following guidelines:

– Where you are seeking a refund within 7 days of subscribing to Hormone Reset's program. In such an event we shall refund 90% of the subscription amount paid by you. Your seven days are counted from the day you make the payment. 

– In case you seek refund beyond 7 days i.e. 8th Day of subscribing toHormone Reset's program, the entire subscription amount paid by you shall stand forfeited and we shall not be liable to refund subscription amount to you.


The refund policy above is only applicable to all the 3 months program offered by Hormone Reset in the present and in the future may vary case by case. 

If you have any questions please contact us at

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