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About the Recipe


  • 1 cup barnyard millet, soaked in water for 6 hours

  • ½ cup diced carrot, steamed

  • ½ cup green peas, steamed

  • ¼ cup finely grated fresh coconut

  • 1 tsp black mustard seeds

  • 1 tsp fennel seeds

  • 1 tsp cumin seeds

  • ½ tbsp minced ginger

  • 1 tsp unrefined salt

  • 1-2 green chillies

  • 2 tsp lemon juice

  • Few coriander leaves, chopped

  • Few curry leaves, chopped

  • 3-4 tbsp desi ghee / coconut oil

  • 1½-2 cups water


  • Cook millets in soaked water until done.

  • Add 2 tbsp ghee in an earthen kadai, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies and ginger, sauté for a minute.

  • Add steamed vegetables into it, then add the cooked millet and toss everything together with lemon juice and coconut, cook for 2-3 minutes until the coconut releases its natural oils. such that the vegetables and coconut mixture are well blended.

  • Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes until the preparation is done thoroughly. Finally, add grated coconut, lime juice and coriander leaves and mix well.

  • Serve with green chutney.

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