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The 12 week Hormone Reset program is an evidence-based program that is guaranteed to move you in the right health direction.


Can we completely fix decades of hormone issues in 12 weeks? Maybe not. BUT you will certainly be putting all the right pieces together to support the balance and harmony of your key hormones involved in stress (cortisol), reproduction (estrogen and progesterone), metabolism (thyroid), and weight gain (insulin) and start getting healthier and vibrant again!

Do you want to understand your body better? Do you want to know which foods you should eat to calm estrogen overdrive and resolve insulin resistance? Would you like to learn about the herbs and supplements that specifically help women with hormonal issues? We are going to share all this, and so much more, over these 4 weeks. 


Your Ultimate Guide

to Reset your



  • Irregular cycles

  • Painful periods

  • Skin breakouts

  • Mood swings

  • Facial hair

  • Trouble getting pregnant

These are all signs of imbalanced hormones

Learn exactly how to support your body to be free of

hormonal symptoms

Now is the time to join... Begins every month. Contact us to know the next program starting date!

Waterside Women

​There are no quick fixes to hormonal imbalance. So far you may have only been managing it. To see real results, understand the root cause, and learn how to address it with sustainable lifestyle changes, nutritious wholesome food, calming & emotional cleansing practices, and supplements.

For women wanting real results!


Our Clients are getting better result than ever!

New Project.png

Clear skin, learnt easy changes for life

"Choosing this program was one of the best gift I gave myself."

Bulbul Yadav


Rediscovered health

"There are many takeaways from this program. Balance diet is one of them."


New Project (1).png

Reduced belly fat, High energy levels

"Two weeks into the program I could feel this huge shift in my energy level."


Empowering & Managing Your Journey!

Image by Fuu J
Weight Loss
Improved Energy Levels
Clear skin
Stable & Pleasant Emotions
Regular & Painfree Periods
Healthier, Happier & Vibrant YOU
Inch Loss
Improved chances of fertility 
Reduction in hair fall
Reduced Bloating
Improved Digestion 

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