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Better energy levels

First time periods came on time. Used to be once in 2 months or fall is reduced,Acne is almost gone, Energy levels are much higher - specially after switching to millets,no hunger pangs now, sweet cravings is much lower, Gave up tea - switched to herbal tea from Isha, PMS pain was little less this time, Mood swings are better, Indecisiveness is much lower, Giving up milk has reduced digestive issues- 3-4 days/week used to have digestion issues like gas. Not there now



Got clear signs of changes & improvement


After 1 month
- Lost 7 kg weight
- Sugar levels dropped from 140s to 100
- Tennis elbow pain almost gone and arthritis pain - 50% reduced
- Palpitations - gone


- Dryness & Itching - reduced 90%
- No smell in urine
- Heartburn, constipation, night urination - gone
- Forgetfulness - improved

My lovely transformation

It is a lovely transformation on the level of energy... My daytime sleepiness has vanished. I feel real hunger now
Stamina is awesome...The time for one suryakriya has stretched from 13 min to 18 min. Also I can push myself to do 21cycles of suryashakti , not on a daily basis though, mainly because of the constraint of time. Acidity also seems to have settled down.
For Diwali I did cheat a few times but , it hasn't had much impact on the energy levels as I had expected, so happy with that. Thank You 



Clear skin, learnt easy changes for life

Bulbul Yadav

Firstly I would say , choosing this program was one of the best gift I gave myself . Initially I was bit reluctant in joining this program as continuous thought was on what would be my take away from this .I thought other than Acne I was not having any other health issues which turned out to be wrong when as part of this program I got my all the tests done and found Vitamin deficiencies .I liked the way this program is crafted . It gave much much more than what I expected from it . So many healthy ingredients and healthy way of living life got added in my list which I might have never explored . It turned out to be full on “PAISA WASUL” program . 

-Bulbul Yadav

Rediscovered health

Most of the information given during the sessions were important like inflammation to vitamin deficiency. There are many takeaways from this program. Balance diet is one of them and also Juice of life was one of the best thing that I liked the most in this program. It’s been almost 2 months that I am following the recommended diet and lifestyle plan and able to reduce and maintain the weight. 
I recommend to join this program to get lot of insights on various things and I am sure you will get convinced about the various aspects that they cover in the program.



Reduced belly fat, High energy levels


When i started the program I used to get tired by 6pm everyday and used to wake up waiting to go to bed again. I could never make it through a day without atleast two naps in between . 
Two weeks into the program I could feel this huge shift in my energy level. I got could easily get through a day and sleep peacefully when my head hit the pillow. I also didn't need an alarm and got up on my own. I used to barely ever feel hungry but after the program I started feeling hungry three times a day! 
I could also see a visible reduction in my belly fat.


Rediscovered health

The sessions were life-changing, eye-opening and very knowledgeable. When we started I was 74 kgs with issues like fatty liver, subclinical thyroid, PCOD, acne, digestion issues, frequent headaches, and so on. Also, I was undergoing too much stress at work.
I started in September and followed the program recommendations for a good 4 months.
By Jan I had lost 8kgs. When I went for a complete body check-up to my surprise I found my fatty liver was reversed, PCOD was reversed, thyroid TSH levels were reduced from 6 to 3, I was active throughout the day , and had excellent digestion.
I'm grateful to the team for really supporting the program and also afterwards.



Improved quality of sleep, clear skin, decrease in allergies and weight loss.

It seemed like the program was well designed and touched all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It could be overwhelming for someone new but with time, one could adapt easily. The good part is, instructors walk you through the program and will help get you settled. For me, the juice fasting class touched the most and Kinnari explained it very well. It was very motivating and helped extend my fast for a few additional days. 

A few benefits worth mentioning from this program are less brain fog, improved quality of sleep, clear skin, decrease in allergies and weight loss. I would definitely recommend this program for those who'd want to change their lifestyle, understand the reason behind different diseases, and reverse or improve their conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, skin issues and many more. My sincere thanks to the entire team for coming up with this holistic program.



Reversed bloating, reduced weight, Added value to my lifestyle

I am very happy that I took a decision to try this Hormone Reset program. This helped in not only my overall well being but also added a value to my family’s life style. I was able to overcome my long lasting bloating issue. I have been trying many programs to reduce my weight and whenever I try something I see some result but again gain back weight very fast but after starting this program I not only lost weight but also stopped regaining and  able to maintain it. Thank you Siddarth and Team for  spending lot of time in organizing this program and being supportive throughout . Thank you for the elaborated information you provided in all the sessions. Unlike other programs where we tend to not follow after a certain period of time this is a program which we can adapt to our life style and continue. We are able to still follow the same guidelines and enjoy.

-Vishnu Vandana

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