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About the Recipe

Eggs, if organic and desi, can be a very good source of nutrition. It is loaded with nutrients , power packed with Vitamin B, D, E, Selenium, Calcium & Zinc. *Country Egg / Organic Egg is only recommended for consumption.


  • Eggs -2(free range eggs)

  • Onion -2tbsp(finely chopped)

  • Tomato -2tbsp(finely chopped)

  • Carrot -1½tbsp(grated)

  • Cabbage -1½tbsp(chopped)

  • Cilantro -1tbsp

  • Spring onion leaves -1tbsp

  • Capsicum -1½tbsp(finely chopped)

  • Black pepper -½tbsp

  • Rice flour -2tbsp

  • Sattu flour -2tbsp

  • Salt(as per taste)

  • Cold-pressed coconut oil- 1tbsp


  1. Finely chop all the vegetables and keep them separately aside in a bowl.

  2. Break the eggs in a bowl. Using a balloon whisk or fork, beat the eggs well for the next 30 to 40 seconds.

  3. Add salt, black pepper powder, capsicum, spring onion leaves, green chilies, cilantro, cabbage, carrot, onion, and tomato. Mix well.

  4. Add rice flour and sattu flour.

  5. Take the appe pan and grease the cavities generously with a few drops of A2 ghee/cold pressed coconut oil.

  6. Add one tablespoon of the egg batter into each of the cavities. Turn the flame to medium and cook for 30 seconds.

  7. Add a few drops of oil, cover, and cook for one minute on medium flame.

  8. Use a spoon to remove and gently place the and a appe/egg bites upside down.

  9. Cover and cook for the next 30 to 45 seconds.

  10. Once cooked, use a spoon to remove them on a plate

  11. Serve hot with chutney or dips

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