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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based, systems biology approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. Functional medicine searches for the root issue that caused the symptoms then works to correct that underlying issue. The symptoms will then typically reduce or resolve as a result. This is the only way to have a lasting benefit beyond just suppressing symptoms.

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Root cause
of Chronic Diseases

Increased gut permeability

Imbalance in Gut microbiome

Non Native EMF

Nutrients deficient diet

Toxin Load ( heavy metals, plastics, chemicals)

Chronic Stress

Sedentary lifestyle

Human genome chemicals, etc)

In Functional Medicine, focus is on eliminating the root cause to alter gene expression-thereby, Reversing Chronic Diseases

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Conventional Medicine Approach

Typical patient : PCOS + Hypothyroidism



Visit Multiple Doctors

Hormonal pills

Thyroid pill

Anti-acne lotions

Heavy workout

Calorie cutting diet

Focus is only on symptom management

Quality of life is poor

Patient is diseased throughout his life

Side effect of drugs

Even after huge expenditure, Health is a rare commodity

Non-sustainable solution

Functional Medicine Approach

Typical patient : PCOS + Hypothyroidism

Disease Reversal

Improved quality of life

No drug side-effects

Money saved by becoming

disease free

Sustainable solution

Thorough history taking

Functional Medicine Testing

Personalized approach

Nourishing food

Physical activity & Meditation

Use of Nutraceuticals & Herbs

Monitor & Maintain



Conventional Medicine

Disease centric generalized approach

Body is a collection of parts operating independently

Gene expression is not changeable

Health is absence of disease

Symptom based treatment

All receive same treatment based on sympotoms

Pharmaceutical based

Functional Medicine

Patient-centric personalized approach

Body is considered as an integrated system

Gene expression can be altered

Health is about vitality

Treats underlying root cause

Customized based on individual biochemical factors

Lifestyle and Nutrition based


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