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12 weeks Hormone Reset Program

We will help you decode the root causes behind your various signs and symptoms and help you fix them with a Whole Body Functional Medicine Approach 

Science Behind Treatment

Functional Medicine(FM) is an evidence-based, systems biology approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. Functional Medicine searches for the root issue that caused the symptoms, then works to correct that underlying issue. As a result, the symptoms will then typically reduce or resolve. 


Meet The Experts

Dr. Ruhi Agarwala

A Medical Doctor trained in Functional Medicine. She has helped many women suffering from PCOS, thyroid disorders, infertility, autoimmunity, restore their health and be vibrant again by empowering them with right information and supporting them implement sustainable Functional Medicine strategies.

Siddarth Goel

Siddarth is a Functional Medicine expert (FMCA, and SAFM, USA.) He specializes in helping people suffering from various chronic health conditions including autoimmunity, thyroid issues, PCOS, diabetes, obesity, migraines, low energy, allergies, arthritis, hypertension, etc.


With a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, yogic lifestyle principles, and modern scientific understanding, he helps people move from illness to wellness.  


It’s been almost 2 months that I am following the recommended diet and lifestyle plan and I am able to reduce and maintain my weight
I recommend to join this program to get a lot of
insights on various things and I am sure you will get convinced about the various aspects that they cover in the program.

Bulbul Yadav

Initially I was bit reluctant in joining this program as continuous thought was on what would be my take away from this .I thought other than acne I was not having any other health issues which turned out to be wrong when as part of this program I got my all the tests done and found Vitamin deficiencies. I liked the way this program is crafted . It gave much much more than what I expected from it


Two weeks into the program I could feel this huge shift in my energy level. I could easily get through a day and sleep peacefully when my head hit the pillow. I also didn't need an alarm and got up on my own. I used to barely ever feel hungry but after the program I started feeling hungry three times a day! 
I could also see a
visible reduction in my belly fat.




What Our Clients Say...

Here are Some of Many Expected Outcomes

& Pleasant Emotions

Improved Energy Levels

& Painfree Periods

Reduction in hair fall

Weight Loss

Clear skin

Improved Digestion & 
Reduced Bloating 


Inch Loss

Improved chances of Fertility 

In tune with
your body 

Healthier, Happier, & Vibrant YOU 

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Based Approach

In the forest

Decode the root causes of

Hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, autoimmunity, obesity, diabetes, PCOS, etc.

Asian women having a chat after workout

Learn how to fix the root causes

Easy to implement strategies based on Functional Medicine approach of resolving root causes


Live Sessions with Experts

Empower yourself during our interactive sessions with our Functional Medicine Experts on weekends.



Understand mind-body connection. Learn simple yet effective techniques to improve health

Vegetables for Roasting

Nourishing Wholesome & Tasty Recipes

Get access to nourishing recipes during the course & even after the program.

Making Green Juice

Access to Unique Juice of Life Program

Get to experience the scientific Juice fasting program with the community!

Blood Test

Comprehensive Blood Tests

You will receive recommendations for and detailed evaluation of specific tests based on your health conditions

Therapy Session

Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on your blood work and comprehensive history, a personalized treatment plan will be designed for you.


Whatsapp Group Support

Receive unlimited & continuous support from us during the program

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