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What's In Our Program

Palm Trees

the root cause of 

Hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue etc.

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Learn About Mind Body Medicine 

Understand mind-body connection. Learn simple yet effective techniques to improve health

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Comprehensive Blood Tests

You will receive recommendations and evaluations of specific tests based on your health conditions 

Distance Learning

Learn how to
fix the root cause

Easy to implement strategies based on Functional Medicine approach

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 Nourishing Wholesome Recipes

Get access to nourishing recipes during the course of the program

women discussion group

12 Live

Learn from the interative sessions with the Functional Medicine Experts 

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Guided 3
Days Detox

Get to experience the scientific Juice fasting program with the community!

Based on your blood work and comprehensive history, a personalized treatment plan will be designed for you. 

Treatment Plan

Whatsapp Support Group

Receive unlimited & continuous support from us during the program

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